Today, Aviation Week Network will recognize the Commercial Aviation Safety Team(CAST)/Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) initiatives as the 2018 Aviation Week Laureate Award winner in the Commercial,Safety category. It is recognizing the CAST/ASIAS initiatives for their unparalleled collaboration between government and industry to improve aviation safety.

The Laureate Awards Ceremony will be held at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC, at 6 p.m. These awards honor the best accomplishments based on the four pillars of aviation industry: Business Aviation, Commercial Aviation, Defense, and Space. For the firsttime, Aviation Week will award one Grand Laureate in each of the four categories among the announced winners.

The Federal Aviation Administrations Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety and CAST Co-Chair Ali Bahrami will attend the ceremony.

CAST and ASIAS represent a long-standing commitment to building safety partnerships between government and industry that focus on pursuing safety improvements in a collaborative and proactive manner. The work of CAST has been extremely successful in the United States. CASTs voluntary adoption of the most promising safety enhancements, along with new aircraft, improved regulations, and other activities, reduced the fatality risk for commercial aviation by 83percent from 1997to2008.

The launch of ASIAS in 2008 allowed us to take a more proactive approach to detecting risk and implementing mitigation strategies before accidents or serious incidents occur. The collaboration between government and industry, at all levels, has been instrumental to improving aviation safety, and our continued success depends on these strong partnerships built on trust and the ability to share and protect voluntarily provided safety information. In the United States, there has not been a fatality in commercial passenger operations since February 2009, with more than 5 billion passengers transported safely in commercial passenger service.

To find out more about the event and view a list of the awardees, visit Aviation Weeks 61st Annual Laureate Awards and 2018 Laureate Winners.

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